Why No One Wants To Hear About The Game You Just Finished Making


Let me state the obvious: It’s tough marketing a game!

To give some background on where I’m at, I just finished publishing my first mobile game, Social Sessions, on iOS and Android, as a solo indie dev. My strategy felt like the right thing to do, but turned out to be naive. My plan was to take my time and build a polished game, test among my friends and colleagues until it was perfect, then release my flawless finished product into the world!

This is basically what I did (not to brag). I’m not saying Social Sessions should be your favorite game, but it’s fun, and  it’ll stimulate a puzzler fan’s brain. But my surprise came when I went to market the game immediately after release.

Tweets, blogs, and Reddit posts of “Get it now for free!” and “Play this thing I spent a couple of years making!” got…

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